Security Superhero

Security Superhero

Congratulations on making it to the Security Superhero Gold Badge!

Now it is your turn to show us what you have learned and the steps you are taking to encourage and integrate Online Safety in your classroom.

You may want to earn the bronze level and silver level badges before proceeding, if you haven’t already.

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Security Superhero

Security Superhero

Now that you have learned about Online Safety and how to best protect yourself online, we are now going to look at how Online Safety measures can be implemented in the classroom.

The main objectives of this badge are:

  • to explore best tools and practices to integrate online safety into established classroom activities.
  • to explore how Online Safety is an important component of a class curriculum.

You may want to earn the bronze level badge before proceeding, if you haven’t already.

To begin your journey for the Security Superhero – Silver Badge please click here.

Security Superhero

Security Superhero

Is online safety just about protecting your information such as using a password for your email or your banking information? The Security Superhero will help you learn how to keep yourself and your devices safe while online.

The main objectives of this badge are to work towards applying the best practices as a safe Internet user in regards to:

  • sharing personal information
  • using safe passwords
  • protecting yourself from strangers
  • protecting your computer or tablet
  • knowing when to ask for help

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If you already have a good deal of knowledge about this theme, you can click here to go directly to the quiz.

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