Digital Citizenship Webinar: Online Communication 101

Welcome to our Online Communication 101 recorded webinar. You will have a chance to discover wonderful educational resources to support you and your community in acquiring all the necessary skills for digital citizenship. We have had the chance to work with a wonderful group of educators that have allowed us to record their experience and make it available to you. The webinar has been divided into four blocks. Each block is followed by a short activity for you to complete. When you have completed the 4 sections, we would appreciate your feedback. We would also be very happy to send you a certificate of participation if you decide to complete this webinar. In all, it should take you between 45-50 minutes to view the webinar and complete the activities.

On the following link, you will find an introductory video and a question to be completed following the first part of the webinar: Introduction to Online Communication video and activity

On the following link, you will have access to the resources to explore and an activity to be completed following the third part of the webinar: Activity on our collection of resources

On the following link, you will find the guided tour video and a checklist to be completed following the second part of the webinar: Guided Tour video and activity

We would appreciate your feedback. If you would like to receive a certificate of participation, ensure that you have completed all of the sections and that you have entered your contact information on this form: Feedback and contact information form.