Developing a Digital Citizenship Plan


When addressing digital citizenship as part of a long term, multi-year plan, several things need to be kept in mind. Among other things, we need to ensure that we look at concepts taking into account student’s developmental stages and that we set the foundation for the development of engaged digital citizens. Here is a document with a suggested continuum of learning for digital citizenship. Digital citizenship learning outcomes are divided by cycle.

Suggested Continuum of Learning


How does Digital Citizenship fit into the Québec Education Program? The digital citizenship themes support the development of many subject-specific competencies, as well as components from all the Cross-Curricular Competencies (CCC) rooted in the Broad Areas of Learning (BAL). Here is a document that ties the Digital Citizenship Initiative objectives to the CCC and BAL.

Digital Citizenship and the QEP Cross-Curricular Competencies and Broad Areas of Learning