Digital Dynamo – Silver – Step Four

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Create or review your own online space as an educator and share the link with us. If you already have one, you could review it taking the following points into consideration and share it with us.

1. Create or review your professional profile. Choose either option a or b below.

a) On this site by clicking on your name on the top right hand corner of the browsing window. Then click on Edit my profile.
b) On a social media site of your choice.

2. As you fill in or review the different areas, ask yourself:

a) Is this something I would want to be seen by the rest of the world?
b) Is this something that I would want to share with my friends only?
c) What positive things should I share?

Click here to see an example profile that has already been set up.

3. When you are done, copy and paste the URL of your profile into the submission box below.  In order to submit, you must be logged in.  Then click “Next”, you will be awarded your Silver Digital Dynamo badge.

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