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Fair Dealing, Creative Commons and Your Students

Helping students create their own stuff while making use of great content is possible. We can show them that they can, often, use other people’s work under fair dealing, especially in the classroom.

Students could be asked to create their own “new work” that is based in part on others, but that clearly shows the original creator.

For a general overview of Copyright and Fair Dealing, please watch the following video. The video is good for both educators and students.

For a more in-depth look at copyright exceptions in education, please read the following:

Fair Dealing for Media Education

An even easier way for students to create and reuse content is by using Creative Commons licensed materials. This flowchart can help you and your students understand what type of Creative Commons license could be used to clearly set the parameters of the use of a work.

Which Creative Commons licence is right for me?

You can also talk to your school or school board librarian. Librarians are information specialists and are often a good resource on copyright issues. They can help you find resources and explore how you can use them in an ethical and legal manner.