The Digital Citizenship website contains more than just lesson plans and parent tip sheets, it is a continuous work in progress. This website serves as an up to date and relevant source of inspiration and guidance for teachers, parents and students as they incorporate technology into their teaching and learning as well as their daily lives.

It started with the Information Literacy Project as a component of PALE (Plan d’action sur la lecture à l’école) with the development of The Inquiry Process Model. Soon after, the English community expressed a need to address not only how to deal with information, but also all of the components that going online entails. The Digital Citizenship Initiative was created to respond to that need. Then lastly, Learn and Lead, our online learning digital badge site was added to support parents and educators with all the digital citizenship themes.

Under the Direction des services à la communauté anglophone du ministère de l'Éducation du Québec, a number of people have contributed to the Digital Citizenship Initiative since 2011 and we are so thankful for all their hard work. We are grateful for the support and contributions made by teachers, education consultants, and librarians from the English education community of Quebec. The Digital Citizenship Initiative is something we can all be proud of.


Our Team

Elaine Roy
Sandra Bebbington
Caroline Dupuis
Julian Taylor


Shannon Babcock
Maureen Baron
Nancy Bennett
Yannik Blier
Louise Bourque
Lys Chisholm
Joanne De Groot
Francois Guité
Ellen Goldfinch
English School Boards’ RÉCIT Consultants
Linda Hackett
Holly Hampson
Paul Karpontinis
Lyne Laganière
Lily Laganière
Marc-André Lalande
Tracy Rosen
Sonia Sehili
Avi Spector
Lisa Storozuk
Karine Thonnard